TOOTSIE is an uproarious love letter to theater. Talented but difficult-to-work-with actor Michael Dorsey struggles to find a job, until one show-stopping act of desperation lands him the role of a lifetime — and on a Broadway stage, no less.

With the stakes high and finally earning much attention, Michael must adapt quickly as he dives into grueling rehearsals and heartfelt backstage relationships. As he takes on this challenge of theatrical proportions, Michael relies on support from friends like his roommate Jeff Slater, and gains inspiration from the empowering women around him, like his independent co-star Julie Nichols and his ex-girlfriend Sandy Lester. He also gains admiration from another costar, Max Van Horn, a former reality TV show heartthrob.

With their help — and with non-stop laughs along the way — Michael grows as a performer and discovers new epiphanies about himself and the incredible women in his life. With a hilarious book by Tony-winning writer Robert Horn, a clever score by Tony winner David Yazbek and exuberant choreography from Denis Jones, “Tootsie” offers audiences a side-splitting escape, combined with an uplifting message that can speak to theater lovers of all ages.